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The ‘Friday the 13th’ Lawsuit Has Come to a Close… For Now

Will We Ever See More Friday the 13?

by Trey Hilburn III

Thirteen-years has come and gone. Still, Jason Voorhees remains “dead” and awaits his return to what he does best – back to killing a bunch of camp counselors. Sadly, it appears that horror fan hopes have been extinguished with the recent court proceedings surrounding the franchise.

If you have been following the court case, you know that original Friday the 13 screenwriter, Victor Miller has won a bit of ground. The characters and places of Friday the 13 have been returned to Miller. Originally, the studio was attempting to take those rights stating that the screenwriter was an independent contractor.

One of the lawyer’s involved, Larry Zerner, who played Shelly in Friday the 13: Part III stated that the court has not filed an appeal to Miller’s returned rights. This isn’t a huge win at this point. It would have been a bigger deal if producer Sean S. Cunningham had also come aboard the lawsuit, but sadly the producer sat this one out. He didn’t think that getting any momentum going was possible. So, he didn’t want to waste the money.

So at this point, Miller owns the Camp Crystal Lake characters of the first film but Cunningham owns the mask and the Jason that we are primarily familiar with.

Miller’s win doesn’t mean we will get any Friday the 13th movies made anytime soon. Sadly, we still need some more moves by Cunningham. Zerner says that fans are in a better spot but we are still a ways off from a film in the franchise. Sadly, its been 13-years since we last saw Jason on the big screen. It would be a true dream to see the big guy slaughtering again, but for now, it appears that we are still a long ways off from any chance of that happening.