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Surprise! Hatchet 4 isn’t just Happening, it’s Already Done

by Landon Evanson

This post was updated at 10:40 a.m. CST.

Before the lights dimmed at Los Angeles’ ArcLight Hollywood theatre for a tenth anniversary screening of Adam Green’s Hatchet last night, Green stood before the energized gathering to share stories about independent film, the respect he’d received as a newcomer from genre veterans and icons like Kane Hodder, Robert Englund and Tony Todd, and a difficult time in his life when all he saw was failure, even post-Hatchet.

But that’s when Green told the throng that not that long ago, the late George Romero had taken him aside for a conversation that taught him that Hatchet and Victor Crowley no longer belonged to him, but rather to those that they mattered to most, the Hatchet Army, so to speak.

When Romero parted ways with Green that day, he smiled and said, “You’re not done,” despite the fact that three years ago, Green had informed Red Carpet News TV that “For me, Victor Crowley is dead. But, you never know. I’ll leave it at that.”

Alas, as we had countless times before, we can once again thank Romero, because Green wrapped his monologue by revealing that Victor Crowley was not dead. The assembled would not be returning to Honey Island Swamp for the original, but instead embark on a journey that would leave them the first to set eyes on the fourth Hatchet film, titled Victor Crowley.

An announcement that led to a roar from the crowd.

Among the lucky few to catch a glimpse, iHorror’s own Shannon McGrew noted on Facebook, “YOU GUYS WE AREN’T WATCHING HATCHET, WE ARE WATCHING HATCHET 4!!! It was a surprise screening!!!!”

The Dark Sky Films teaser trailer provided courtesy of Nightmarish Conjurings:

Victor Crowley will be released in select cities this October, but details on a wide release have not yet become available. iHorror will offer further updates as they emerge.

Feature image credit: Entertainment Weekly.