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Stephen King Made His Cameo in Episode 4 of ‘The Stand’

by Trey Hilburn III

The sky is blue, God is an astronaut and Stephen King makes a lot of cameos in his adapted works. King has made it a habit to make a goofy sort of a appearance in films that adapt his works ever since when. I recall the first time I saw it was when he cameod in as a priest at baby Gauge’s funeral in Pet Sematary. Ever since then I’ve noticed it in all of them, and love the trademark.

Sure, we were lucky enough to get a load of Stan Lee cameo’s in Marvel films before he passed. But, for horror fans the excitement for a brief appearance definitely goes to King.

During episode 4 of The Stand titled House of the Dead, King made his big appearance. It was one of the funnier ones if you as me. Did you guys spot it?

The cameo took place during a scene right after Nick and Tom made their escape from the shotgun-wielding Julie Lawry. While laughing about the whole insane situation that they had just befell, they spot an advertisement for Hemingford Home inside of a bus stop. The advert for the very retirement home they had been searching for features a lot of retired old folks looking happy and toasting their lives in retirement. Now if you look at the old gentleman on the left side of the table you will notice that it is indeed King.


Another great cameo for the books! I’m still dying over how happy he looks in the photo too.

What do you guys think about King’s cameo? Did you catch it? Let us know in the comments section.


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