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Shudder Announces Their First Terrifyingly Cool Game, ‘The Fabulous Fear Machine’

The Fabulous Fear Machine Looks Very Intersting

by Trey Hilburn III

AMC and Shudder have done a great job of scaring us in film and TV. Now, they set their sights on gaming with The Fabulous Fear Machine. A game that puts you in the role of “The Master of the Machine” with a job of spreading fear throughout the world by means of urban legends and other terrifying bits that make the mind twitch.

The synopsis for The Fabulous Fear Machine goes like this:

AMC Games and Shudder present: THE FABULOUS FEAR MACHINE, a narrative-driven strategy game with a pulp horror style, from the creators of Do Not Feed the Monkeys. You play a newly minted Master of the Machine, having been called to greatness by its mysterious keeper. To pursue your goals, you must generate and spread fear through the careful cultivation of various Legends—those scary stories, urban myths, and conspiracy theories that lurk in the dark corners of the mind.

Features of the game include:

  • Horror evolved. Plant the seeds of fear in fertile ground. Watch and listen to how the media reacts to your Legends. Feed them, then see them grow more powerful and effective.
  • The job done right. Your strength is in strategizing; leave the dirty work to your Agents. Send them to explore new locations and infiltrate your enemies, making interesting choices along the way. 
  • An equal and opposite reaction. Rivals and the forces of good alike seek to undo the Machine’s influence for their own ends. Plan accordingly, or you may find your own Legends twisted into inspirational stories, mascots, or other sugary-sweet clichés.
  • Think globally, scare locally. Many Legends are drawn from the unique cultural history of specific countries. Travel the world, and learn what terrors each populace delights in.
  • A tale as old as time. Across one playthrough you’ll direct the stories of several Masters operating in different regions of the world. Along the way, explore the history of the Machine, its enemies, and the Agents who aid you.

I really love the pulp aesthetic. Plus, if Shudder and AMC are behind the game, there has to be some interesting moving parts to this one.

The Fabulous Fear Machine arrives to terrify the world beginning in early 2022. There is still no official date, but when we get one we will be sure to share you with you all.

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