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‘Sharknado 6’ Will End The Franchise

by Michael Carpenter

Whether you love the Sharknado franchise or loathe it, you can’t deny that it’s made an impact on pop culture in the current decade. For better or worse, the Sharknado brand is now often the go-to reference point for B-movies in the eyes of many.

Starring former Beverly Hills 90210 star Ian Ziering as the heroic Finn, the first Sharknado film hit Syfy in 2013, and wasted no time in becoming a social media phenomenon. A sequel has followed every summer since, like clockwork.

As usual, summer 2018 will play host to Syfy’s latest Sharknado effort, currently titled simply Sharknado 6. The film will pick up directly after the ending of Sharknado 5, in which a despondent Finn was left alone on a desolate Earth ravaged by Sharknadoes.

Sharknado 6 will send Finn on a time-traveling quest to prevent the first ever Sharknado, thus saving both his family and the planet. The sequel airs on July 25th, and TV Line now reports that it will be the last entry in the long-running series.

Of course, since this is a horror franchise – or at least horror-adjacent – there’s no telling if Sharknado 6 will really be the end, or simply start a hibernation period until interest picks back up enough for Syfy to resurrect the titular toothy weather pattern.