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Severin Films Super Shock Pop Up Festival Unveils Black Friday Titles

A triple feature of Italian torture horror, Indonesian psychological thriller, American Bigfoot nastiness, and more!

by Jacob Davison

It’s November, which means the clocks fall back, Thanksgiving draws nigh, and a whole bunch of horror label releases are slated for Black Friday. Being such a huge shopping event, especially online, labels have been saving some of their biggest releases of the years for this day. Severin Films along with Cinematic Void decided to make their announcements in style with an outdoor screening event at the Hollywood Cinelounge where three titles would be played in a triple feature event featuring trailers for other upcoming releases, a food truck, gift bags, raffles and more!

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All titles and trailers were kept a surprise until they were screened, which made for some jaw dropping revelations. The evening began with a trailer for Ruggero Deodato’s Ballad In Blood which revolves around a group of friend’s waking up in an apartment only to find one of their own has died mysteriously and trying to figure out what happened. The first feature screened was the 1965 Gothic horror madness of Bloody Pit of Horror! When a group of filmmakers and actors try to finish their latest horror picture in an ancient castle with a hermit lord, they start dying one by one in accidents and torture devices that might be the work of the ghost of The Crimson Executioner, a medieval killer who vowed supernatural revenge at his own execution. This was a fun and entertaining film with ample amounts of camp, bright red Euro blood, and one of the most bizarre spider props I have ever seen.

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Following this, trailers for fellow releases Black Candles and The Halfway House (Doubling as an Intervision release, too) were shown before the middle movie. The Indonesian psychological thriller Pintu Terlarang aka The Forbidden Door by Satan’s Slaves and Queen of Black Magic director Joko Anwar. The story revolves around a sculptor who begins to fear the people in his life might be plotting against him after he sees multiple mysterious messages begging him for help. This was a slow burn mind melter that might not be for everyone, but delivered one hell of a finale and payoff

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For the grand finale, there was a trailer for the upcoming release of House on the Edge of the Park and a number of items were raffled off including the Black Friday titles in blu-ray form, a Bigfoot mask, a Bigfoot figure, and adapted novelizations of the revealed movie Night of the Demon! Complete with an introduction by director of most of the movie, James C. Wasson who admitted to not seeing the added gore version of the film that made it an infamous video nasty that was at one point banned in multiple countries. The plot revolves around a college professor and his students venturing deep into the woods where murders and disappearances have been reported. The culprit? A psychotic Sasquatch that’s slaying anyone in its path! This was a wild movie to end the night on and a definite must have for fans of Big Foot horror, gore, and video nasties.

The Severin Films Super Shock Pop Up Festival made for a fun as hell way to unveil their upcoming releases, and I hope that this tradition keeps up in the future. A great way for the horror community to come together and see firsthand the kind of madness Severin Films plans on releasing to the masses! All titles listed above are slated for release on Black Friday 2021.

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