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Death of 5 Year Old Boy Contains Hallmarks of Devil Worship

Sometimes truth is scarier than fiction.

by Piper St. James


Some crimes are so heinous that they sound like they could have sprouted right out of fiction.  This is exactly the case surrounding the death of a five-year-old boy in Brazil, a life that ended so abruptly and unjustly.  He will sadly now be known as a ghost story whispered at sleepovers and around campfires, a warning to those thinking of dabbling in black magic and devil worship.

In 2019, 18-year-old Karina Roque was left in charge of her 5-year-old brother, Maycon, while her mother left the home for errands.  Upon her return, the door to the home was locked and her daughter would not allow her access into the house.  Frantically desperate, the mother called her brother to kick down the door to gain access inside.  Yet in her deepest, darkest nightmares she could not have imagined the horrors that waited for her beyond that door.

Karina Roque

In the mere hours of her mother’s absence, Karina tortured, dismembered, and cannibalized her younger brother.  It looked like a scene from the most grotesque and twisted modern horror film, and if that wasn’t horrific enough, it appeared to police to have roots in black magic and devil worship.

Karina tried to escape the scene.  As she was prevented from doing so, she turned to violent tactics.  She became wildly aggressive and began throwing objects at her captors.  She even bit the family dog which attacked her while she was being restrained.

Entering the scene, authorities found the body of five year old Maycon on the floor surrounded by candles.   The injuries he had sustained were downright brutal, and also suggested ties to Satanic rituals.

Upon examination, Maycon’s eyes were pierced, the bottom of his feet were burned, and his wrists were cut.  His neck suffered such deep lacerations that the child was nearly decapitated.  Karina admitted to authorities that she removed the victim’s genitals and ate them.  Fortunately, if such a word could be used in this case at all, the boy was suffocated to death before any of these tortures befell upon him.

With many of the hallmarks of devil worship, authorities are looking to this as a motive, as they should also be looking at possible drug use and psychological disorders amongst the family and assailant as well.