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Rob Zombie’s ‘The Munsters’ is Almost Three Hours Long

That's A Long Movie

by Trey Hilburn III

The upcoming Rob Zombie Munsters film has had all sorts of great casting announcements – weekly. In addition there was even a bit of news announcing that the film was rated PG. Now, it appears that there is a report on the actual length of the film.

According to Butch Patrick who played the original Eddie Munster, the film is going to be a lot for the fans to sink their teeth into. In fact, it is almost three whole hours long. In a recent interview with 20TIMinutes, The Munsters actor said that he has seen a rough cut of the film and that it is a long film, indeed.


“This movie is going to kill in a really good way,” Butch said. “It’s a very long movie, it’s like 2 hours and 38 minutes… but I’ve seen footage and I’ve seen where he’s (Zombie) is going with it and it’s going to be great, it really is.”

Now, it could very well be that Butch has just seen a unedited version of the film. There might be a lot left to shoot and to cut from the film at this point. So, we will just have to wait and see what the actual length of the film is.

We have been dying to see something out of this one. We can’t wait to get a look at a teaser at the very least. There still isn’t a release date at this point, so we will just have to continue to wait.