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‘Resident Evil 2’ Remake Receives E3 Trailer and Release Date!

by Eric Panico

The Playstation E3 conference just revealed the long-awaited remake for 1998’s legendary survival horror classic Resident Evil 2! Last year’s Resident Evil 7 was a return to the franchise’s horror roots, after the later games began leaning too heavily on action and quick-time events. Now Capcom is bringing us back to the beginning of the outbreak.

Resident Evil 2 is a quintessential example of dread-inducing, atmospheric gameplay the franchise was built on, and one of the best games in the series. The first Resident Evil received a hugely successful HD remaster back in 2002, and fans have wondered ever since when Resident Evil 2 would receive the same treatment.

Well, the wait is finally over.

The trailer opens from a curious perspective as we crawl along storage shelves, and witness a police officer get into a confrontation with an unseen suspect. As the shelf we were perched on tips over, it reveals we were witnessing this happen through the eyes of a (now crushed) mouse. The officer falls into view, as the perp sinks his teeth into the cop’s neck tearing off a giant piece of flesh.

A shot rings out, and the zombie falls lifeless (like, actually dead) to the ground as rookie Leon Kennedy is seen standing shaken in the doorway with his smoking sidearm. The trailer then hits us with a cacophony of grunge, screams, and bloody sinew.

Capcom has cranked the terror up to 11 as the tone of the trailer has gone noticeably darker and more intense (much in the same vein as Resident Evil 7). We also see the tenacious Claire Redfield making her triumphant return.

Raccoon City has never been more stunningly realized as we cut from the abandoned, rain-soaked streets, to the horrific, blood-soaked interiors. The trailer boasts dynamic, eerie lighting, and gorgeously bleak visuals, with incredible character models. Cars are ablaze, zombies shamble around every corner, and we even glimpse some of the abominations that haunted our nightmares. Zombies, and Lickers, and Tyrants…oh my.

Gamespot reports a press release confirms the gameplay has shifted back from Resident Evil 7’s first-person POV to third-person over the shoulder. However, the gameplay appears to wisely be keeping its focus on creeping horror as opposed to fast-paced action. Zombies are also reported to take “instant visible damage” in real-time.

Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait too long to walk Raccoon City’s zombie filled streets once again. The trailer ends confirming a release date of January 25th, 2019. Pre-orders are now available to purchase the game on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

One thing is for sure…the voice acting has definitely improved.

Check out the trailer right here:

What do you think of the trailer?! Are you excited to return to Raccoon City? Post your thoughts in the comments!

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