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Reddit Is Going Crazy Over This Magical Fiverr

by admin

Are you a believer in crystal energy power, reiki healing, or white magic?

crystal magic

Someone on the popular forum Reddit went out to discover what type of mystical and enchanting things could be found on the website Fiverr.  For a week user @Nishiyami85 purchased several $5 healing sessions with comical reporting of the process.  However, something mysterious happened with their session from @CrystalAlchemy… it actually worked!  After his post on how impactful this energy session was the Crystal Alchemy profile closed amidst a flurry of exposure and “threats grounded in traditional religious beliefs”.

crystal magic

We now have been notified that Crystal Alchemy is back and taking new clients – after some of her personal information has been removed from the site for protection.

We’re always intrigued by the supernatural – whether it be white magic, black magic, or crystal magic.  We’ll be testing Crystal Alchemy out for ourselves – if you have an experience with them… please let us know about it in the comments. If you’ve never been on Fiverr before, use this link to sign up!

Visit the Fiverr service in question here!