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Realistic Burning House Display Prompts Multiple 911 Calls

by Timothy Rawles

Even though some people weren’t able to go out for Halloween this year, one California neighborhood got a treat of sorts. A family, inspired by Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean, made a realistic mock inferno of their house. So realistic that people have called 911 to report a fire.

The Huffington Post reports that Carmen and Travis Long of Riverside were paying tribute to the famous Disney attraction for Halloween, especially the scene in which the pirates ransack a village then set it aflame.

The faux inferno has sparked many a concern and the Longs have had to pre-emptively alert authorities so they don’t rush out in vain. This has been an ongoing project says one of the homeowners; one that has just gotten bigger and bigger.

“We’ve been adding things every year,” said Carmen Long. “It started with just skeletons, then we added a cannon in the back and the ship, the pretend fire on the side.”

The site has been a sightseeing destination for hundreds who come out to see the spectacle for themselves. Even firefighters have given the exhibit their vote of approval; high-fiving the creators for a job well done.

Some may question the decision to create such a presentation because devastating wildfires have ravaged the state all year.

But, this isn’t the only Halloween array that has prompted neighborly concerns of bad taste and calls to the authorities. One man in Texas decided to turn his front yard into a bloodbath which disturbed his neighbors enough that the police were called more than once.

Title photo: KABC