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Real Life Horror: Over 200 Skeletons Found Underneath Paris Supermarket

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Like a twist on a Stephen King novel where something is built on top of an Indian burial ground or even the climax to Poltergeist, a rather horrific discovery was made beneath a Monoprix supermarket in Paris when the store’s management decided on some renovations to the basement; a mass grave of men, women and children buried headed to toe and roughly six people deep.

The supermarket is the former site of a medieval hospital, so a few bones were expected to be found, but nothing quite like this. Typically the bodies are moved when a new building goes up on the site, but for whatever reason, these poor souls were left behind. One of the big questions is how these people died? What became of them? Nobody is certain, except that death seemed to have been sudden. Isabelle Abadie, who is heading the dig, says, “The fact that so many people were buried together, that the grave is this large, tends to show us that there was a major mortality crisis,” and believes “The crisis may have resulted from an epidemic, famine, or extreme fever.” Which makes sense, seeing as Paris was hit with several plagues during the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

At the moment, bodies have been discovered in eight different pits, containing five to twenty-five different bodies, but the eighth pit is what shocked everyone the most with having over 150 bodies in two rows! Experts say that they are likely to find even more bodies as the continue their dig.

Scientists will be carbon dating and DNA analysis to figure out more about these people and most importantly, what happened to them.

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