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Big In Japan! ‘Psycho Goreman’ Gets Art from Tatsuki Fujimoto, ‘Chainsawman’ Manga Author

by Jacob Davison

Hard to believe it was only a few short months ago that the kid adventure monster horror comedy (and a whole mess of other genres) Psycho Goreman (or PG for short) from The Void and Leprechaun Returns director Steven Kostanski was unleashed upon an unwitting public. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first to experience the crazyball mayhem at last year’s drive-in based Beyond Fest and PG has since hit digital, home video, and exclusive streaming on Shudder. And it seems like The Archduke of Nightmares’ reign of terror is spreading globally, because Psycho Goreman is getting a theatrical release in Japan on July 30th. With the movie’s inspirations drawing in part from Japanese tokusatsu monster/action movies like Keita Amemmiya’s Zeiram and Hakaider, this market release should come as no surprise.

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And the buzz continues to grow as action/horror manga Chainsawman author/artist Tatsuki Fujimoto was shown the movie prior to its official release and drew some scary good art of PG and Mimi! Per the official Psycho Goreman Japanese twitter account and Oricon News, Fujimoto was allowed to preview the movie to his enjoyment and gave it a rave review, commenting that “It was the most interesting movie of the year!”

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The art in question shows Psycho Goreman with his hulking, bulging veined body skulking behind an even more intimidating Mimi holding the magic stone that allows her to control the all-powerful space demon. Having been a fan of the Chainsawman manga since the series initially ran, it is incredible to see the characters of Psycho Goreman rendered in Fujimoto’s style and perfectly befitting. With the Japanese release of Psycho Goreman less than two weeks away, it will be further interesting to see what kind of impact and further reactions the movie will have!