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Peter Jackson’s Early Films ‘Dead-Alive,’ ‘Meet the Feebles’ Coming to 4K Releases

Before 'Lord of the Rings' Peter Jackson had 'Bad Taste'

by Trey Hilburn III

Peter Jackson may have just release the epic three-part Beatles Get Back documentary. But, before the director got into big budget productions like, Lord of the Rings or King Kong, the director was making bloody waves in the indie horror world. His films Bad Taste, Dead-Alive and Meet the Feebles were extraordinary and gross. New Zealand’s low-budget horror was everything to horror kids of the 90s. Great news! Jackson is working on getting these films transferred to 4K.

The synopsis for Dead-Alive went like this:

Overprotective mother Vera Cosgrove (Elizabeth Moody), spying on her grown son, Lionel (Timothy Balme), as he visits the zoo with the lovely Paquita (Diana Peñalver), is accidentally bitten by the fearsome Sumatran rat-monkey. When the bite turns his beloved mother into a zombie, Lionel tries to keep her locked safely in the basement, but her repeated escapes turn most of the neighbors into the walking dead, who then crash a high-society party thrown by Lionel’s boorish Uncle Les (Ian Watkin).

“It would’ve been a little bit of a crappy quality for this, because all the DVDs that were out there were done back in the 1990s. So we are doing a remastering and whole digital 4K thing and it looks great. But we’ve been trying to do all that in between Beatles stuff, and that’s been put on a shelf for a while. But, hopefully, within another year or so they’ll come out remastered.” Jackson told Uproxx in a recent interview.

We are looking forward to owning all of Jackson’s early works. Meet the Feebles is a personal favorite. It’s an outrageously gross take on The Muppets that somehow makes puppet gore more disgusting than that of human gore.