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Evan Peters Returns to Horror in Oz Perkins’ February

by Gareth Cavanagh

I find the concept of this upcoming horror movie very interesting, I was alerted to it when I recently read some casting news which was that Dexter’s James Remar had joined the project. Evan Peters of American Horror Story, Emma Roberts of We’re The Millers and Kiernan Shipka of Madmen are also on board.

This project is named February and is set to be the directorial debut of Oz Perkins who also wrote the script. Previously Oz Perkins has been an actor in such work as Alias, Star Trek and Secretary. He is actually the son of Anthony Perkins. Anthony Perkins famously played Norman Bates in Psycho. He returned to the role for Psycho II with his son Oz playing a young Norman Bates.

What I find interesting is the premise of the film. The plot is that a young woman played by Emma Roberts makes a trip across a frozen landscape to an all girls boarding school. As you can imagine this school is not all that it seems. The idea of demons and possession at a boarding school with secrets is one that intrigues me.

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