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New Trailer for Eli Roth’s Clown is a Carnival of Nightmares

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Killer clowns have been the subject of countless horror films over the years, with movies like Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Stephen King’s It being the cream of the proverbial crop. But the Eli Roth-produced Clown is taking an entirely different approach, making it one of our most anticipated of 2015.

Directed by Jon Watts, Clown started off as a faux trailer, and it was Roth who saw it and helped develop it into a feature. In the film, a loving father dons a clown outfit, wig, bulbous nose, and pancake makeup to entertain at his son’s sixth birthday after the clown-for-hire is a no-show.

Unable to take off the clown garb, dad’s personality changes in horrific fashion. He and his family race to break the curse of the evil outfit before he undergoes a complete transformation into a homicidal killer with over-sized shoes.

As has become a weird tradition for films Roth is involved in, Clown doesn’t yet have a release date here in the states, though it was just made available on DVD over in the UK. In conjunction with that release, a UK trailer has just hit the net, offering up tons of action that we hadn’t previously seen.

While we wait for a US date – and we’ll be sure to keep you posted – check out the new trailer for Eli Roth’s Clown below, which is sure to put the fear of clowns into you!

[youtube id=”CcD2KnM-LF0″]

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