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Movie Review: ‘Primal Rage’

by Timothy Rawles

A couple heading up the Pacific Northwest are thrust into a game of cat-and-mouse with a giant primeval simian resembling Bigfoot in Patrick Magee’s graphic and blood drenched monster movie Primal Rage.

Superior practical effects give this film its edge and they are jarring at times, so take heed, this isn’t B-movie hokum.


Ashley and Max are married and have recently reunited after Max was released from a year in jail. As they make their way up the highway through giant redwoods and lush pacific coast fauna to reunite with their young son, they strike something violently in their Jeep. It turns out to be a man who may have already been half dead when he fell into the road.

Ashley calls the local small-town police ignoring Max’s protests; he fears he will be sent back to prison because he’s been drinking in the car.

Suddenly Max is struck on the head with a huge rock which sends him stumbling over the embankment and into a rushing river. Ashley’s quick thinking saves him, but the current has carried them a ways downstream. Unfortunately, their nightmare has only just begun.

Cold and half naked, the couple make their way back through the forest and hopefully toward the highway but run into a gang of local hunters who antagonize and enkindle Max’s anger.

All hell breaks loose when the huntsmen get attacked by the Sasquatch locals call Oh-Mah and meet their doom in a variety of gruesome ways. The monster is an expert shot with a bow and arrow, but he doesn’t miss a chance to use his hands or feet as killing devices either.

“Primal Rage”

The local Sherriff, a Native American, is all too familiar with the ancient monster and tries to ease a local woman’s fears whose husband has gone missing. In fact, many people have gone missing in the area. He sets out to investigate the 911 call Ashley made before they fell into the river.

Meanwhile Ashley’s been separated from Max after the bloodbath with the hunters using her wits and level-headedness to ward off the creature while Max has been taken to the cabin of the Whispering Woman, an ugly shaman who nurses him back to health.

Primal Rage is a suspenseful, nicely paced gorefest. The credits list more effects talent than any other department combined which makes sense because Director Partick Magee is a veteran in the business.

He’s worked on Jurassic Park III, Dark Ride, Spider Man and Men in Black 3 just to name a few. He does a fine job in his directorial debut stitching together action pieces with suspense culminating into an interesting final twist.

There are obvious nods to the original Predator in Primal Rage, but that only means Magee knows and embraces his audience.

Nicely acted with incredible practical gore effects, Primal Rage gives its audience a suspenseful bloody thrill ride with emotional range. This is a must-see for fans who appreciate a good vigorously paced monster movie, plenty of serious non-CGI kills all beautifully shot in the forests of Northern California.

Primal Rage will have a one night only screening on Tuesday, February 27, at a theater near you.

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