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Movie Review: Jack Thomas Smith’s ‘Infliction’

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I look out my window, and I start to see the crisp copper leaves falling off the trees, the gusts of strong wind have begun to blow in every direction. I can smell the scent of cinnamon apple throughout the house. It is that time of year once again, and it always puts me in the mood to explore new horror films.

I recently had the opportunity watch a new Indie Horror film entitled, Infliction (2013). The movie, Infliction, is written and directed by Jack Thomas Smith. The film stars Jason Mac, Elliot Armstrong, Ana Shaw, Catherine Trail, and Don Henderson Baker. Infliction depicts footage taken from main characters John and Kenny Stiles as they venture out to commit a murder spree which occurred in 2011. Infliction is assembled footage taken from the cameras that belong to the brothers, John and Kenny Stiles. The North Carolina brothers reveal horrific details of their venture, as well as the motives behind their actions. The footage serves as a reminder of the effects of people’s actions and inactivity and its long-term consequences on people’s lives. Infliction presents a story of failures of the communities that we all live in and the failures of agencies that are placed to help protect us all.

Infliction started off a little slow, give this film a chance and stick with it. Infliction comes together very nicely and will answer a lot of profound questions. The film is best-described as sitting on a roller coaster and hearing the chain dragging the coaster up to the top, you know the plunge is coming, and when it does it is quite amazing.Neighboors

This film is intense and will make any viewer stop and think about society, and the effects of a person’s upbringing will have. Until now, I had never heard of the films creator Jack Thomas Smith but I must say that Smith did an excellent job with the production of this film. This film is  character driven, and viewers will understand that as the story develops. The town centered around Infliction could be your town, and the characters are the kind of people that we have all met. I was very intrigued with how real everything seemed, and it meshed well with this frightening story.

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Ana Shaw played Andrea, the boys sister. I believed Shaw’s performance to be momentous, and she delivered beautifully considering the complexity of her character. Don Henderson Baker also gave a sensational performance, playing a very unappealing, uncaring, and cold-hearted individual. I enjoyed his character very much, at times I couldn’t figure out if I hated him or felt remorseful for him. I did have a chance to speak briefly to Jack Thomas Smith about Infliction. The inspiration of the film came from a friend of Smith’s that suffered abuse. Smith saw the damaging mental scars that abuse can have on a person, and the devastating effects that it can have on everyone and not everyone receives closure. During our conversation, I had mentioned to Smith that I thought that creating an assembled footage or found footage film would be easier. As it turns out, my speculation was far from the truth. Smith described the actors needing to synchronize their movements with the camera and to know the location of these cameras at all times. Smith went over each shot frame by frame carefully mapping out every detail. Smith had mentioned that some actors completed character studies to comprehend what these characters were feeling.

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Jack Thomas Smith made his feature film-directing debut with the psychological thriller Disorder (2006). Smith was also a writer and producer for that film. Smith’s production company, Fox Trail Productions, Inc., is currently developing the action/horror film In The Dark. Smith enjoys the horror genre but is a fan of all film.


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