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Marvel’s ‘Blade’ Finds It’s Director, May Feature Wesley Snipes

by Trey Hilburn III

We are headed toward a whole bunch of multiverse action and confusion very soon. This is going to lead to superheroes from other branches of Marvel coming into and overlapping the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. That will bring previous Spider-Man actors into Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and the like. Now, we know that Wesley Snipes might also make a return to his Daywalker boots in the new Blade starring Mahershala Ali. Of course that awakens long gestating rumors that have gone on since a Blade reboot was announced. Oh, and Blade has also found its director.

Bassam Tariq will take over as director of all the new vampire hunting action. Tariq directed Mogul Mowgli most recently. He is a visionary director, but a director that strangely doesn’t have the sort of resume that you would expect from a dude who is about to take on big action and big vampires.

Wesley Snipes name has once again come up in the rumor mill for a return to Blade along side Mahershala Ali. This has been an ongoing rumor mill that is hard at work. It has gone back and forth for a while now. But, with the multiverse taking over a large portion of the worlds going on’s in the upcoming Marvel phase. Wesley Snipes coming back into the upcoming Blade film seems more and more possible as we get closer.

So there we have it. A director for Blade starring Mahershala Ali. And a possible, take it with a grain of salt, possibility that Wesley Snipes may return to Daywalkin’ and slayin’,

What do you guys think about the director choice? Also, what do you think about the possibility of Snipes return? Let us know in the comments section.