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Love Goes Wrong in “Jax in Love”

by Waylon Jordan

A lonely highway in the desert…a young woman singing along to the radio…a broken down car, that’s the introduction to Jax in Love, a short horror film currently wowing audiences on the festival circuit, and there’s little wonder why.

Written by and starring Rakefet Abergel, Jax in Love deals with a feeling that’s all too common in today’s society.  The entire world is at our fingertips.  We can meet and speak to people thousands of miles away without leaving our homes, and yet, somehow, real human connection seems more difficult to find by the day.

Jax (Abergel) feels that loss of connection deep in her soul.  She wants to love and be loved, but her definition and means of feeling it are just a little bit skewed…okay a lot skewed.

It’s little wonder that Abergel recently won the coveted Best Actress in a Horror Short category at the recent Nightmares Film Festival.  She handles the emotional ups and downs of Jax with ease and even through apparent psychosis, tugs at the audience to feel for her character.  It’s a rare talent in an actress, and that talent ensures we’ve not seen the last of her.

Jax in Love also features a strong supporting cast as the objects of Jax’s affections.  Devi Veysey is is radiant as Sunny (see what I did there?) who picks Jax up from the side of the road, and Ben Kacsandi, who should win awards for that charming smile alone, is completely real in his role as Jake who Jax meets at an out of the way diner.

Coming in at only 20 minutes, Jax in Love is a must see for horror audiences who like a well written, emotionally driven story that creates real tension without an excess of gore and special effects.  This is a human story, no matter how ill-adjusted those humans might be.

Check out the trailer below and make sure to be on the lookout for festival showings near you by following the film on Facebook!