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Did You Know Michael Myers Was Almost a Killer Clown?!

by admin

The horror genre has given rise to some pretty horrifying clowns, from IT‘s Pennywise to American Horror Story‘s Twisty. Believe or not, the list of cinema’s scariest clowns was at one point going to include Michael Myers, as ‘The Shape’ was once upon a time set to don the red nose…

It’s of course hard to imagine the Halloween franchise’s bad guy wearing any mask other than the one we know and love, which as you probably know by now was a modified William Shatner mask, painted completely white. But the Captain Kirk mask wasn’t John Carpenter’s first choice, and a much different version of Michael Myers almost terrorized the big screen.

Story goes that Carpenter sent the prop department out to hunt for a cheap mask that Myers could wear, with the only guideline being that it look like a human face, without clearly defined features. After visiting a nearby costume shop, they returned with two Don Post masks, one of which was of course the Star Trek mask Carpenter ended up using.


As for the other mask (seen above), it was based on real life hobo clown Emmett Kelly, who created the character Weary Willie. The idea behind the choice was that a young Myers had worn a clown mask while killing his sister, and so it only made sense that he’d wear a similar one as an adult.

From what I gather, the prop department added frizzy red clown hair to the mask and it was used for test shots, before Carpenter decided to trash it and instead go with the Captain Kirk mask. The rest, as they say, is Halloween history.

Just one of those crazy horror movie facts that’s fun to bust out this time of the year. Amazing how much one little decision would’ve forever changed the horror genre, isn’t it?!