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Kiernan Shipka Returns as Sabrina on CW’s ‘Riverdale’

Could This Mean a Full On CW Return of Sabrina?

by Trey Hilburn III

Kiernan Shipka is back as Sabrina in more chilling adventures. However, this time she is having those chilling adventures with the Riverdale gang. CW brought the character in for a crossover episode on tonight’s episode and it was seriously great to see her again.

EW gave an early description of tonight’s episode titled “The Withing Hour”. That brief description goes like this:

“Cheryl  is performing a dangerous spell, one that may mean the difference between life and death for a beloved member of the Blossom family – according to a logline description of the episode. Luckily, she is getting a much needed assist from everybody’s favorite twenty-something witch, the iconic Sabrina Spellman, visiting from Greendale in this years in the making crossover.”

While speaking to EW, Shipka sounded excited about returning as Sabrina and additionally said, “There was always the hope of a crossover, so to get to be Sabrina again was a treat. It was a thrill.”

I haven’t been a Riverdale fan at all, however, the addition of Sabrina in tonight’s episode totally made me tune in and watch. I think its time for Riverdale to go off the rails and become much more supernaturally based. I mean, I would definitely tune in if it did.

I’m hoping that this move leads to CW doubling down on Shipka as Sabrina. If it leads to more appearances or even her own series on CW it would be fantastic.