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‘Jurassic Park’ Reeboks Come Packaged in Cryo Barbasol Can

by Trey Hilburn III

Nobody cared that Dr. Lewis Dodgson was meeting Dennis Nedry, except for Dr. Lewis Dodgson. However, all of us cared about Dodgson’s super cool, 007 looking Barbasol cryo storage unit for the potential dino DNA. Of course as we know, Nedry botched the job of smuggling those suckers off the island, but it doesn’t change the fact that fans were forever smitten with those rad cryo, Barbasol cans. And, it looks like Reebok might be smitten too.

The latest Jurassic Park X Reebok partnership is very cool. It’s also seriously rad that, while I expected this promo to be for just the one shoe design we are actually receiving quite a few designs each with their own colors and fits.

The most impressive thing about the whole partnership is definitely going to be the packaging for me. The Omni Zone II shoes come packaged in that super rad, jumbo sized Barbasol can. Best of all, it looks to be covered in mud, meaning that this packaging would suggest that Nedry indeed did succeed in his smuggling operation. Wink, wink.

The entire Reebok collection features many-a-shoe, along with some tee-shirts and a really cool looking vest. Reebok is dropping all these goodies on July 30, at 9 am CDT. You can head over here to get a look at all the very cool designs… and that vest… that sweet, sweet vest.

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