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Jigsaw vs Batman Trailer Mashup is Clever as They Come

by Landon Evanson

Today is #EmbraceYourGeeknessDay, and I can’t think of a better bearhug than the Jigsaw vs Batman trailer offered by YouTube’s AListProductions from last Halloween season.

You read correctly. Saw’s John Kramer (Tobin Bell), better known as Jigsaw, and Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader, squaring off in an incredibly clever mashup that’s just 90 seconds of pure magic.

It’s not just that AListProductions pulled clips from the Saw franchise or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), but that aspects of Suicide Squad (2016), Burn After Reading (2008) and more were utilized for the purposes of pulling critical characters from the Batman universe into the picture.

And for good reason.

Names that were integral to the realm of Jigsaw – Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith) and Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) – also fell perfectly in line with Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and J.K. Simmons’ upcoming roles as Jim Gordon in The Batman and Justice League (2017). To say nothing of AListProductions’ deft usage of Dr. Gordon’s daughter’s name.

In the end, however, the pairing of Saw II (2005) and Batman v. Superman’s definitive “I’m in” trailer moments produced quite the exquisite concoction near the clip’s conclusion.

Look, I’m a Michael Keaton guy, so it doesn’t matter that Batfleck inhabits this fan-made video, because Tobin Bell is always worth every second of your time. And this little slice of fried gold has only intensified my geekish yearning for Jigsaw’s release on October 27.