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Jennifer Aniston and Gang Murder The ‘Leprechaun’ in Classic Clip

by Trey Hilburn III
Jennifer Aniston

I went through a Leprechaun filled weekend, you guys. One that was spent drinking plenty of Irish whiskey and plenty of Irish beers along with the main attraction, of course being a marathon of every single one of the Leprechaun franchise in order. That all to say, my Friday night began with a very young Jennifer Aniston going head to head with a the murderous scamp in the first Leprechaun entry.

A lot can be said about Leprechaun in Space and his voyage to the Hood, but the undeniable campy magic begins with the first film.

Since, I had to live out the dream and the hell of watching every single one of these films in a no sleep, too much food and drink Thunderdome type marathon. I feel that it is only fair that I  share some of all that Leprechaun goodness with you.

Since, Leprechaun was brought up in last night’s third episode of HBO’s The Outsider, I felt like the time was beyond right. So, here it is. Enjoy a scene from Leprechaun in which, Jennifer Aniston and gang straight murder our boy, the Leprechaun.

See, now don’t you want to plan your Leprechaun-O-Thon after watching that clip? No? Fine, be that way. Doesn’t change the fact that Leprechaun is a pretty entertaining go that seems to become more trashily charming as it ages.

What is your favorite of the Leprechaun franchise? Love Aniston doing horror as much as I did? Let us know in the comments section.