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Jamie Kennedy Reacts to ‘Scream (’22)’: “It’s Done Perfectly”

The one legacy character whose opinion actually matters.

by Timothy Rawles

If you have not seen the latest Scream (2022) movie don’t read any further because there are spoilers here that could ruin your experience and we wouldn’t want that.

Jamie Kennedy took to YouTube to give his thoughts on the latest Scream (2022) movie. His character, Randy, as you recall appeared in the original film in 1996 and became the Yoda, if you will, of the franchise.

So as one of the original cast members, his opinions are worth listening to. After all, his death in Scream 2 is probably one of the most iconic losses in fandom history other than maybe Han Solo’s in The Force Awakens. 

Randy’s spirit is definitely in the film as his now high school-aged niece and nephew, who are twins, take over his “How to Survive a Scary Movie” Ted Talk halfway through the film. This quintessential monologue takes place in front of a glorious Randy shrine their mother has constructed above the living room fireplace.

Kennedy, now 51, doesn’t review the movie so much as give his opinion on the way it was handled. That being said, he does say “I loved it,” apparently having come fresh from the theater.

“I recorded this reaction to the new SCREAM movie just minutes after getting home from the theatre,” Kennedy writes in the caption. “I had to give you all my thoughts on this fantastic movie.”

Side note, he, like some of us has to look up the word “prequel.”

You can watch his thoughts in the video below and let us know: are you as pleased with the final product as Jamie is?

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