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“Iron Maiden of Haddonfield” Goes Viral For Her Yellow Weapon in ‘Halloween Kills’

Another "Halloween" horror icon is born!

by Timothy Rawles
Halloween Kills -- Universal

Actress Belisa Lea and her yellow iron have gone viral over the weekend. Her presence in the horror movie Halloween Kills has started a small internet fanbase that’s catching enough momentum to cement her as another icon from that movie.

Halloween Kills is David Gordon Green’s 2018 sequel redux of John Carpenter’s original 1978 masterpiece of the same name. On Friday the film was released both theatrically and on the streaming service Peacock.

Halloween Kills — Universal

Although reviews have been split practically down the middle, eagle-eyed viewers are agreeing that “The one lady who brought an iron to fight Michael Myers” is worthy of praise. A Facebook group of the same name has been started and has already garnered over 1K members:

“This group is dedicated to celebrating the absolute resolve and determination of this random woman from Halloween Kills. If I have one wish in this life, it is to be as confident as this unnamed, wrinkle free hero.”

There’s even a Tik Tok video celebrating the Iron Maiden.

So why exactly is Belisa becoming the domestic horror goddess of the internet? It’s not spoiling anything to reveal that in the film the town of Haddonfield adopts a hive mind and bands together to form an angry mob in order to confront the deadly masked killer.

Belisa Lea -- Facebook

Belisa Lea — Facebook

Citizens arm themselves with all kinds of hardware including guns, knives, two-by-fours, and in the case of a now-grown Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael-Hall), a small wooden baseball bat.

But it is Belisa’s yellow iron that has people talking.

In one scene she is observed gripping the sartorial steamer as the mob prepares to beat down The Shape. With her belted high-waisted denim pants, tee and jacket combo, and a look of pure grit, Belisa grips onto the yellow iron (with a really long cord) ready to face Myers in the ultimate showdown.

Halloween Kills -- Universal

Halloween Kills — Universal

The above-mentioned Facebook fan group got a big surprise when Belisa popped in to say hello  directly:

“That was me!” she wrote. “I had some amazing Ninja moves with that iron! It was a replica of the one I used growing up. Just so proud to be dubbed The Iron Maiden and part of Tommy’s possé! It’s the Viking in me. I would have definitely been a Shield Maiden and used much more impressive weapon.”

iHorror has reached out to the actress for a comment on her newfound viral success. She says she’s updating her IMDb page to include her Halloween Kills background role in the wake of her popularity.

Halloween Kills became a box office champ over the weekend, taking in $50 million. That success may carry over into next weekend as people try to get a glimpse of the woman who brought a yellow clothes iron to a knife fight, or as she will forever be known: “The Iron Maiden of Haddonfield.”