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iHorror Award Panel Selections

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Horror Short Film

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Hog Hunters – Aaron Carter

Popsy – Julien Homsy

Night Terrors – David McAbee

Your Date Is Here – Todd Spence

Shrine – Elizabeth Films

Obi – Nico Vescio

Out of my Mind – Cindy Maples

Studded Nightmare – Jean-Claude Leblanc

Insomnius Rex – Troy Fisher

The Hunting – Pawel Achetelik

HatMan – Kassidy Serbus

H.P. Lovecraft’s The Beast In The Cave – Cameron McCasland

Talk of the Dead – Michael Haberfelner

Last Day – Jack Franklin

Safe House – Nick Fiorella

Among The Dead – Israel Gual

Wicked Conclusions – Chloe Hendrickson

Hangman – Colby Doler

Pizza Face – Jamie Dwyer and Justin Ulloa

Renaissance – Justin Head

Bowtie’s Nightmare – Nicholas Allen

The Shadow Guide: Prologue – Gene Blalock

Grammurder – Jason Messina

Evil Rising – Brandi Alyssa Young

Van – Domonic Smith

The Lady in White – Lewis Guthrie

Vanished – Matt Spade

The Gurgle – Paul Huenemann

Don’t Let the Light In – Jaysen Buterin

The Corner – Jaysen Buterin

Happy Anniversary – Mark Kuczewski

The Sunken Convent – Michael Panduro

Doll – Michael Peer

Facepaint – Amorette Lafuente

The Thin Place – Alexander Mattingly

Loss – Yusuf Al-Rahman

Unhappy Endings – Steven and Wayne Benson

The Passage – Anthony Altamura

GG13: The Haunted World of CW – Dustin Austen

The Sin Reapers Halloween – Matthew Forte

Vivid – Francis Luta

Elly – Jeff Seemann

It’s All In Your Head – Greg Jeffs

Stress Relief – Darren Hutchings

Connie – Cat Davies

Bye Felicia: Wrath of the Girl Nextdoor – Daniel Selleck

A Girl and Her Zombie – Tim Richardson

Unbalanced Love – Sydney Hord

The Essay From Hell – Max Seiler

Skullduggery – Ben Tefft

A Familiar Spirit – Rickey Bird

On the Wall – Shelly Stokes

The Outage – Will Severin

Scars – Dee McCullay

Fallacious – Dee McCullay

The Little Chapel – Richard Schertzer

Alone – Ryan Sheets

The Eve – Yuri Missoni

The Shadow Over Sacramento – Daniel Paschal

Remnants – Corey Schubert

Portal to Hell – Vivieno Caldinelli

Alfred J Hemlock – Edward Lyons

Trouble Sleeping – Emmanuel Lee

Ouija – Christopher Breitinger

The Town Where Nobody Lives – Al Topich

PYOTR495 – Blake Mawson

Nibble – Jason Buff

Burnt Popcorn – Rafael De Leon Jr

The Birch – Ben Franklin

The Cop Cam – Cynthia Bergen

Cleaning House – Andrea Wolanin

Blaize-Alix Szanto’s Blaze of Gory: Snow – David Davies

Agatha – Timothy Vandenberg

Gwilliam – Brian Lonano

Death Metal – Chris Mcinroy

Seize the Night – Emma Dark

Mommy Mommy – Stephanie Hensley

Curve – Tim Egan

Dead Love – Cynthia Bergen

Ghost of a Chance – Michael Berg

Behind the Door – Jose Luis Magana

Casefile 293610 – Dominic Wieneke

REVILED Episode 2 – Jim Stramel

Darklings – Joe Boi

Miss Shiny – Jonathan Cook

Creatures of Whitechapel

Among The Dead – William Instone

SLEEP TIGHT: Scout – Jason Perlman

Sweet – Cecil Laird

Born Again – Jason Tostevin

VEXED – Marc Cartwright