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iHorror Award Panel Selections

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Best Horror Screenplay

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The Book of the Nightmares – Danial O’Brien

Remote – Marc Roussel

Page Turner – Marc Roussel

Santa Klawn – Jeffrey Lee DuPree

Pet Chow Apocalypse – Joel Wicklund

The Costume – Dean Qureshi

A Touch of Fire – Dean Qureshi

One Good Scare – Brian W. Smith and Vincent Viñas

North Dakota Sunrise – Andrew Ackermann

Dead End – Nadine Cayer

Dead Wake – Lisa Clemens

Pandora’s Box – Gavin John

Sparkle Springs – Scott Maucere

The Adversary – Jacob Ruby

CORNHUSK – Shelby Adams

Evil Rising – Brandi Alyssa Young

Red Clay Road – Steve Holbert

SQUIB – Sydney Brafman

The Old Believer – Grant Bayliss

Prom Night of the Living Dead – JP Mandarino

OBeast – Rod Thompson and Tim Westland

Dracula of Transylvania – Christofer Cook

Imprisoned – Javiron Thompson

Diggum – Isaac Thorne

Moon Wolf – James Ruggero

Victims of Burial – Jaiden Frost

Don’t Let Them In – Elizabeth Fields

Mommy Massacre – John Kestner

I,Phine’d – Jeff Bassetti

Death Drop Gorgeous – Michael Ahern

The Funny Farm – Robert Ward

Inked in Blood – Paul Corricelli

Children of the Dead – Jeff Bassetti

Haunted – Andrew Kosarko

Silo – Chris Drzewiecki