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‘The Id’ Is A Film Fueled By Emotion! – Blu Ray Review & Star Interview




Thommy Hutson makes his directorial debut with his feature The Id which releases today on Blu-Ray and VOD platforms. Winning Best Thriller at The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, The Id is proving to live up to the hype as a psychological thriller delivering suspense and terror into the minds of audiences.

In May of 2016 iHorror caught up with The Id star Amanda Wyss at Texas Frightmare to speak about her new short October 23rd. The Id was also a topic of discussion and a very excited and speechless Amanda told us, “It is my role of a lifetime, it is such a beautiful gift. I can’t wait for you to see it.” Hearing those words and witnessing the pride and happiness as Amanda spoke made me excited for this film, and wanting to see it.

The film follows Meridith Lane (Amanda Wyss) a middle-aged woman caring for her wheelchair-bound father (Patrick Peduto) who is an outright bully and suffering from a horrible cough. Meredith has spent years caring for her father, preparing his meals, bathing him, dressing him every day. Preying on Meridith’s low self-esteem, her father is always getting his way and does not allow Meridith to live a normal healthy life, insulting her at every given moment. Meridith, stuck reminiscing her high school years, is a prisoner and the victim of her father’s rage and abuse. Eventually, Meridith slips away from reality and like a strong tidal wave reacts to her father’s vile, ugly threats.

The Id is a well-constructed authentic film driven by a powerhouse of emotion and rage. The Id does not offer the typical plot of a horror slasher rather giving viewers a look at the human psyche and a defined look at what mental abuse does to a person over time, especially when dished out by your very own father.

For years now Amanda Wyss has been known as Tina Gray of A Nightmare On Elm Street. In The Id, Amanda has broken away from the typecast of “Freddy’s first victim,” and gave a monumental performance and has reinvented herself as an artist. This film is for sure Amanda’s performance of a lifetime, and I know fans will enjoy it as much as I have.

This past weekend the cast and production team gathered together at the popular genre bookstore Dark Delicacies in beautiful Burbank, California for a Blu-Ray signing, and it was a spectacular scene. The Blu-Ray is quite impressive, offering many extras which are quite out of the ordinary for an independent film, but hey who am I to complain!

Blu-Ray Special Features:

  • Featurette: Needs, Wants & Desires: Behind The Scenes of The Id
  • Audio Commentary with Director/Producer Thommy Hutson and Actress Amanda Wyss
  • Deleted & Alternate Scenes
  • Behind-the-Scenes Footage
  • Audition Clips
  • Photo gallery
  • Trailers






Actress Amanda Wyss was so kind as to grant an interview with us to speak about her experiences on The Id.

iHorror: The ID is a film charged with deep dark emotion. The emotion behind your performance is very real and powerful, what did you do to prepare for your role as Meridith Lane?

Amanda Wyss: I really tried to put myself in her shoes…Imagining what her life was like. Imagining her history with her father. Feeling it. Taking it in. I knew I had to go all in with Meridith. It’s not a role you can play cautiously or with half measures.

iH:  What did you love most about playing the character, Meridith Lane?

AW: I loved the challenge of finding the truth and humanity in her. I loved stepping into her world and making it mine for a while. Meridith is definitely my role of a lifetime to date.

iH: What was the most difficult scene to shoot in the film? Did you do anything to decompress at the end of a day’s shoot?

AW: The most difficult scenes to shoot were the more physical ones. Just logistically, and for me physically they were taxing. At the end of every day, before going back to the hotel, the director Thommy Hutson and I would go to dinner and talk over the day and go over the next day’s scenes. It was how we decompressed. We were very in sync throughout the entire shoot. It took me many months to really let Meridith go. She was deep in there!

iH: Any fun or crazy situations that you would like to share from your experience with The Id?

AW: The movie was so serious, and we were on such a tight schedule there wasn’t much room for fooling around. The crew was very protective of me and so supportive. They had my back all day every day. They called me Panda.  I look back on the experience with the most profound affection.

iH:  What future projects are you working on?

AW: I have a few movies coming out next year. The Capture, The Watcher of Park Ave, Sleep Study. I am in a Virtual Reality immersive horror short that is currently playing on youtube, apple, and google. And hopefully another collaboration with Thommy Hutson and Sean Stewart.

iH: Are you going to be making any appearances in the near future?

AW: I don’t have anything on the calendar as of now.

The Id Blu-Ray can be purchased by clicking here.





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Ryan T. Cusick is a writer for and very much enjoys conversation and writing about anything within the horror genre. Horror first sparked his interest after watching the original, The Amityville Horror when he was the tender age of three. Ryan lives in California with his wife and Eleven-year-old daughter, who is also expressing interest in the horror genre. Ryan recently received his Master’s Degree in Psychology and has aspirations to write a novel. Ryan can be followed on Twitter @Nytmare112




‘Final Destination 6’ Coming to HBO Max From ‘Freaks’ Filmmakers




Freaks filmmakers, Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein have been brought on board to direct an upcoming Final Destination 6 for HBO Max. Jon Watts is on as producer with Lori Evans and Guy Buswick as writers.

“I will say that it’s not just going to be another kind of ‘we set up a group of people, they cheat death, and then just death gets them.’ And there’s one wrinkle that we kind of added to every movie to kind of like change it up a little bit: this one is… a true Final Destination movie, but it doesn’t follow that kind of formula that we’ve kind of established.” Jeffrey Reddick told Dread Central.

The synopsis for the first Final Destination went like this:

Alex Browning (Devon Sawa), is embarking on a trip to Paris. Alex experiences a premonition — he sees the plane explode moments after leaving the ground. Alex insists that everyone get off the plane and 7 people including Alex, are forced to disembark. All watch as the plane actually explodes in a fireball. He and the other survivors have briefly cheated death, but will not be able to evade their fate for very long. One by one, these fugitives from fate fall victim to the grim reaper.

We will keep you updated on all things Final Destination.

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Stranger Things Season 4 Blooper Reel



As part of the TUDUM: A Global Fan Event releases, Netflix has given Stranger Things fans a nice little treat. I’m a huge fan of behind-the-scenes and blooper reels! I loved seeing the characters we know so well break the 4th wall when overwhelmed with a case of the giggles. Even the powerful Vecna couldn’t escape landing on the Stranger Things season 4 blooper reel!

Watch our favorite actors break character in this brand new blooper reel below. 🤣

We also found some other behind-the-scenes videos from Stranger Things Season 4 that we thought you would like. With the news of Stranger Things Season 5 being the end of the series, we’re watching all these videos before we have to say our final goodbye. I don’t think we’re ready for this story to end. 😭 Until then, have a laugh with our friends from Hawkins, Indiana!

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‘Cloverfield’ Film Finds a Director To Helm Next Entry




We have seen an incredible three Cloverfield-based films so far. The latest being Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix. The latest in the series also managed to lose steam for the secretive franchise. It went too far into the explanation of secrets that we had seen in the first two films. Once the wizard is discovered behind the curtain the game loses its momentum and fun. The upcoming Cloverfield film has found its director from Under the Shadow’s Babak Anvari.

The director’s Under the Shadow was a great piece of horror. It was entirely effective in its scares and story.

There is no word on where the fourth Cloverfield film will take audiences. But, that is for the best. These films have always been shrouded in secrecy and that is what has made them fun. Well… the first two films anyway.

The synopsis for Cloverfield went like this:

As a group of New Yorkers (Michael Stahl-David, Mike Vogel, Odette Yustman) enjoy a going-away party, little do they know that they will soon face the most terrifying night of their lives. A creature the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city, leaving death and destruction in its wake. Using a handheld video camera, the friends record their struggle to survive as New York crumbles around them.

We are happy to see that Anvari is going to helm this entry. We can’t wait to see what he brings to the franchise and to see what direction this entry takes.

What has been your favorite Cloverfield chapter?

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