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Horror Themed Furniture For Your House Of Horrors

by admin

We as horror fans love to express ourselves and do not tend to shy away from being exactly who we are. The home where we kick our feet up and rest our head should always reflect us as individuals; and stepping into the house of someone who embraces the genre of macabre with a horror themed home is a complete breath of fresh air for myself. A nice stray from the jolly ole Bed, Bath and Beyond look. Not that i’m knocking BB&B, they have some damn fine fluffy pillows. Walls are normally covered with horror movie posters, fascinating knick knacks strewn about the house along with the ever growing shelves of memorabilia from horror and comic cons. We can never seem to get enough. So I have collected some more kick ass ideas for you to horrify your home to satisfy your inner serial killer.



Beetlejuice Cabinet: Well if you feel the need to blow your entire income tax check, there you go. Beautifully detailed and I envy the future owner of this. Buy here!






Frankenstein Upholstered Chair: This comes from an online Etsy shop that caters to the horror fan. Visit here to look through their stunning collection  thats’ sure to please any horror fan.





Ed Gein Chair: If you prefer something more on the gore side and to also keep missionaries from stepping inside your house.


Photo Credit: Becuo.com



Coffin Couch: This is obviously a must have. Looks just as comfy as it does amazing. And for just 7,000 bones it can be yours. Buy here.





Blood Bucket Lamp: Because why the fuck not.


Photo Credit: Gizmodo.com




Alien Coffee Table: I’m pretty confident you would be the envy of the block with this fucker in your living room. Buy it here!






Zombie Pooper Deco: The throne needs the special treatment too. Buy it here!






Killer Klowns From Outer Space Art Deco: This is just flat out amazing and was made by artist Chuck Jarman. Please for the love of everything holy, make an assembly line of these. Visit his Etsy shop here!






Twin Peaks Wall Clock: I don’t know about any of you but I’m definitely buying this damn fine clock for me. Get it here!





Bonus DIY tip: I have done this in my home out of pure boredom. Beautify those old boring fake flowers by painting ping pong balls to look like eyeballs, and glue into flowers for table decor.


Photo Credit: Halloweenforum