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Killer Podcast Horror Short ‘Meet Jimmy’ Gets a Feature Film Deal with Paramount

by Kelly McNeely
Meet Jimmy

As announced by Deadline, Paramount will be developing a feature film based on the horror short Meet Jimmy from Dutch filmmakers David-Jan Bronsgeest and Tim Koomen.

Meet Jimmy recently played as part of Fantasia Film Fest in July. The plot follows a girl who is obsessed with a podcast about a serial killer (girl, same) named Jimmy Twofingers. As she listens to Jimmy’s confessions, she comes to realize that Jimmy can hear her too. He warns her that if she stops listening, she’ll meet him in person.

via Fantasia Film Fest

According to Deadline, sources compare Meet Jimmy to “The Ring and A Nightmare On Elm Street, with a zeitgeist hook”. Evidently, there was “intense interest” in the rights to the film which Paramount secured for a co-production between Platinum Dunes and The Picture Company.

The short’s creative team – director Bronsgeest and writer Koomen – will return for the feature film, though the writing credits will be shared with Shawn & Michael Rasmussen (who are working on the upcoming Crawl for Paramount).

via Fantasia Film Fest

Reportedly, Paramount hopes the film could potentially lead to a franchise (though I get the sense that idea comes up a lot with any new horror feature).

The idea of turning a high-concept short film into a feature is nothing new – this has been done before and often. Lights Out, Cargo, Mama, The Evil Dead, Trick R’ Treat, Darkness Falls, The Babadook, Grace, Saw, District 9, and Oculus are just a few examples.

We’ll just have to hang tight to find out more on this one. Stay tuned!