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Haunted History – Ouija Boards

by Angela Ancarana
Ouija board

Ouija Board: The tool of the devil, or intriguing game?

The Ouija board was patented in 1892 and marketed as a game for entertainment. The marketing ad stated, “Ouija, the wonderful talking board,” a magical device that answered questions about the past, present, and future with marvelous accuracy.

This game was created during the American 20th Century obsession with spiritualism, popular with relatives of soldiers who passed away in World War 1. The name Ouija is a combination of two words: “oui” and “ja” which mean “yes/yes” in French and German.

Since its inception, there has been speculation the boards are dangerous, claiming that any beings who communicate through the board are usually demons who will attempt to possess the user.

Most paranormal investigators do not recommend using a Ouija board due largely to the fact that the is an open doorway. The board itself is not dangerous; it is the presence that you connect with that could be the danger.

Some spirits that are contacted through the board are those who reside on “the lower astral plane.” These are spirits that are confused and possibly died a violent death. Often multiple spirits might try to come through the board at the same time, but the danger comes when the user asks for proof of their existence. By doing this, the user basically invites the spirit in and “opened a doorway”.

This is when the entity can communicate with the user and possibly obtain an attachment.

A common misconception about this game is that only demons will come through the board and torment the user. The most well-known and feared demon allegedly attached to the Ouija board is “Zozo.” According to research, Zozo dates back at least 200 years.

Zozo’s communication through the Ouija board usually starts off with small threats before escalating to creating noises in the environment, breaking objects, etc. He supposedly spells out his name through the planchette spelling Z-O-Z-O, then slowly his interactions grow more malevolent with cursing and more threats. Some also believe that Zozo can be summoned if you say his name out loud.


The Demonological Encyclopedia, written by French author Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy, has a story of a village girl who claimed she had been possessed by three demons, one being Zozo. It was later discovered that the story might be fake, but this reference has gone back to 1818. Some have reported that Zozo also goes by the name Pazuzu, although is incorrect.

Pazuzu is the demon from the movie The Exorcist and was known to be the king of the demons of the wind.

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