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‘Halloween Kills’ at the Box Office with Outstanding $50 Million Opening

by Waylon Jordan
Halloween Kills

Tongues are wagging over Halloween Kills for more than one reason this weekend!

The film overshot its projections, earning $50.16 million upon opening. According to Deadline, that places the film at the overall 10th best opening in October. This is especially surprising with its day-and-date release on the Peacock streaming network allowing subscribers to skip the theaters and the price tag of similar releases on streamers like Disney+.

There is a lot of speculation as to how the numbers flew so far beyond the projected $30-$40 million numbers. Many seem to think it comes down to Blumhouse and Universal’s massive ad campaign which put the film’s images, clips, etc. on all of their outlets and in every press site they could reach. Everyone knew the film was hitting theaters this week.

Despite the numbers, however, there has been noticeable grumbles among horror fans–imagine our surprise–about the film’s tone and story. Halloween Kills confronts the actions of mob mentality and brings a brutality that has been absent from almost every iteration of the franchise.

Those grumblings could very well affect next week’s box office numbers and beyond. Only time will tell on that, and we’ll certainly be keeping our eyes on the film’s performance.

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