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Haim’s Sister Asks Filmmakers Via Twitter For a Role in ‘Lost Boys’ Reboot

Newest incarnation of hit 80s vampire film is currently in pre-production. And Corey Haim's sister would like to honor him by playing Lucy.

by Timothy Rawles

It’s been just over three decades since the late Joel Schumacher’s film The Lost Boys hit the big screen. It was 1987; a time of big hair, practical effects, and sax solos. The Lost Boys had all of these things, including budding actor Corey Haim. Sixteen at the time, Haim, along with his oft screen partner Corey Feldman, was one of the highest-paid teen actors working in Hollywood. With the success of The Lost Boys, Haim had bolstered his place as not only a heartthrob but an adolescent cult phenom.

After a string of minor box office hits, Haim again returned to his role as Sam in Lost Boys: The Tribe for a small cameo in 2008. Although this sequel was panned by both fans and critics, Haim’s return was a personal milestone and despite its unpopularity, the film fulfilled its obligation to honor the then 37-year-old actor. In 2010 yet a second sequel Lost Boys: The Thirst was released on video with little-to-no fanfare.

Sadly, in March 2010, after a battle with pneumonia, Haim passed away at just 38-years old. But his legacy continues on.

A failed attempt at a small screen reboot of The Lost Boys nosedived in 2019.

But, it was recently announced that another reboot of The Lost Boys is in production. This time its young stars include Noah Jupe (A Quiet Place) and Jaeden Martell (IT). There is no word yet on whether or not Corey Feldman will be a part of that project.

But, there is a possibility that Haim could be venerated—at least if his sister has anything to do with it. In a Twitter post, Cari Haim, Corey’s older sister, has put out a plea to fans and casting directors to give her a role in the new film.

The actress wrote:

“Hey, fans unhappy with #lostboys reboot. How can it not have #coreyhaim? I have a solution! As his sister, I’m ready to bring the #haim energy to this film. [Noah Jupe] and [Jaeden Martell] need moms right? How about it?” She then tags the film’s producer Brian Kavanaugh Jones and its director, Jonathan Entwistle.

Support for her appeal has been positive. Some posters on Twitter are a little bitter about re-making the vampire classic, but support Haim in her bid to take part in it.

“You should totally do It!” wrote Faith. “It would be a lovely tribute to Corey. It wouldn’t be the same without him. I miss him.”

“This would be so cool to see!” wrote Hailey. ” It’s not lost boys without a Haim.”

Haim says that if a reboot is in the cards anyway, her casting would be a great tribute to her late brother. She still stands by the classic but hopes that the filmmakers behind this new project will bring something fresh to it.

In the original, it was Dianne Wiest who played Lucy; Haim’s distraught mother.

There is no word yet on when The Lost Boys will start principal photography or a release date. And with casting still happening, Cari Haim might get her wish.