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H.R. Giger Inspired ‘Scorn’ Trailer Features Tour Guide, Doug Bradley (Pinhead)

Who Better to Give a Tour of Hell

by Trey Hilburn III

Perhaps one of the most beautifully terrifying worlds that we saw upclose at Bethesda and Xbox’s big show was from the world of Kepler’s Scorn. The H.R. Giger inspired nightmare looks to be giving us a gaming experience that we haven’t seen before. It is very high on our most anticipated of the year without a doubt. We doubled down on that excitement when we saw the latest trailer that features the voice of Hellraiser’s Pinhead (Doug Bradley) giving us a tour of the hellish worlds of Scorn. Who better to give us a tour of the labyrinth than Bradley after all?

The synopsis for Scorn goes like this:

As players awaken isolated and lost within Scorn’s living labyrinth, they’re left to fend for themselves and find a way forward. Surrounded by visceral, fleshy contraptions and denizen creatures, every deadly encounter must be carefully considered with limited ammunition, health and resources. To unravel the mystery of the world around them, players will solve intricate puzzles on their search for unsettling answers and to slowly come to understand their existence.

The first-person experience that Scorn brings to Xbox and PC looks incredible. It is without a doubt something that must be on the radar of all horror hounds. So, by all means horror fans, please share and share a like. This game looks brilliant and it deserves the attention and a closer look.

Scorn will be available starting October 21. Perhaps, best of all Scorn will be available for free on day on for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. It will also be available on PC.