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Ghosts Abound on Houston’s Patterson Road; Langham Creek Bridge

by Waylon Jordan
Langham Creek Bridge

There are numerous reportedly haunted highways in America, but few stand out quite like the Langham Creek Bridge on Patterson Road in Houston, TX. It’s a story that traces its roots back to the Civil War.

The tale of Langham Creek and what took place there is one shrouded in mystery, folklore, and legend, but two versions of the events that took place there seem to come up most often during research.

The first tells the story of a community of pro-Union German settlers who were forced out of their homes and slaughtered by Confederate soldiers in an attempt to rid the area of any Northern influence.

The second points to two opposing groups of ragtag militiamen who squared off near Langham Creek. The fighting went on for quite some time and the losses were so heavy on both sides that a victor could not be declared.

Both versions speak to numerous dead, blood-soaked soil, and creek water turned red with blood.

Like many stories such as these, shortly after the events took place, stories began to creep up about strange phenomena in the area. However, over the years, Patterson Road and particularly the Langham Creek Bridge has become particularly famous for its variations in paranormal phenomena.

People don’t only report seeing ghosts there or hearing strange noises. Instead, the phenomena encapsulates all five of the senses, sometimes simultaneously.

Numerous apparitions have been reported along the road. Ghostly figures appear and disappear at random when nearing the bridge. Others have reported the smell of black powder gun fire and sudden temperature drops in the area, as well.

It is the sounds of tapping, though, that have made Langham Creek Bridge famous.

Drivers have reported that if you stop your car on the bridge at night and turn off your headlights, you will hear what sounds like knuckles rapping against the exterior of your car, some of which are actually hard enough to be felt. Some investigators have surmised this comes as a warning that the area is not safe by spirits reliving their final moments over and over again.

For those who believe in the paranormal, the Langham Creek Bridge might be just the place to visit once we’re all able to travel again.

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