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Ghost Turns Heavy Washing Machines Completely Around in Viral Video

We'll let you decide whether the force is natural or not.

by Timothy Rawles

Nobody wants to do chores least of all after you’re dead. But take a look at the video below. It seems some other-worldly force is finding issues with laundry day.

The Tik Tok user jmelillo165 is getting some heavy attention over the past few weeks. Their video captures the goings-on at a supposed haunted hospital.

In the video, we get a second-hand view of a surveillance video taken of the hospital’s laundry room. There is a play-by-play of the events from a man who appears to be showing the footage to a fellow co-worker for the first time.

At first, the stacked machines look normal enough, but suddenly one of the towers quickly turns into an almost 180. The amount of force it would take to do that would require some strength.

It is confirmed that the machines are on, but even if the spin cycle was causing some momentum, the speed and trajectory of the machines seem physically impossible.

At one point the second set of appliances moves in then out and the top unit looks as if it’s being pushed off its pedestal by an unseen force.

We aren’t here to tell you what to believe. But considering this isn’t the first video capture of evidence of a haunting at this particular hospital, we are intrigued, to say the least:

Take a look:


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