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“Ghost” Caught on CCTV Pushing Over Perfectly Good Beer

Who's going to pay for that?

by Timothy Rawles
Darla Anderson

It was just a normal afternoon at an old English pub until someone or something decided to ruin the moment.

Located in Hendon, Sunderland, the Blue Pub has been in operation for 167 years. That means a lot of people have traveled through its doors and maybe some never left.

The video below shows a man at the bar conversing with some of the pub staff; a frosty brew by his side. After a moment, something very strange happens: the beer slides a few inches on the bar then topples over, spilling all of its contents on the man’s lap and the floor.

The whole thing was caught on camera and by the reactions of the onlookers, they seem to be in as much shock as the wet barfly.

According to The Mirror, the owner, Darla Anderson — who can be seen in the video — says there’s most likely no other explanation other than a ghost because she saw the whole thing with her own eyes.

“I remember I was just looking at the pint and then it just fell, there was only three or four of us in the pub at the time so there is no way that anyone could have knocked it, she told SunderlandEcho, “I just can’t find any reasonable explanation as to why it happened, all our customers cannot believe it.”

In fact, Darla says that a spiritualist happened into her pub just a day before warning her that a spirit was present.

To make matters even more intriguing, after Darla posted the video on social media, the previous owner contacted her and said when she owned the business strange things would happen to her too, “empty pint glasses would just fall off the bar but she never had CCTV to capture it,” Darla added.

The beer-soaked customer is skeptical that the event was nothing more than science at work. He believes the glass coupled with gravity is to blame for the topple. However, Darla remains open to the idea a ghost haunts her old pub.

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