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‘Ghost Adventures: Quarantine’ Coming to Travel Channel in June

by Waylon Jordan
Ghost Adventures: Quarantine

Zak Bagans and the team from Ghost Adventures are bringing a brand new limited series to Travel Channel this June with Ghost Adventure: Quarantine.

The premise is simple enough. Bagans and his three lead investigators will quarantine inside his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas to test the paranormal investigator’s theory on fear. Bagans says that the “unprecedented levels of fear” over the Covid-19 pandemic have had an effect on the objects he has on his display.

“Fear gives entities power, and fear is now permeating our society on a scale we haven’t experienced before,” Bagans said according to KVVU-TV Las Vegas. “We are witnessing the amount of spirit activity greatly increase and we need to understand how this unprecedented situation affects things on a supernatural level.”

Bagans said he and his investigators worked without a crew and observed social distancing protocols while filming the limited series for Travel Channel.

The museum has been closed since mid-March of this year, but the series will also include interviews with former visitors to the location about their experiences inside the location.

Ghost Adventures: Quarantine is scheduled to begin airing on June 11, 2020. Check your local listings for times.

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