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‘Game of Thrones 70’ Brings Serious Zombie Action to the Seven Kingdoms

by Waylon Jordan
Game of Thrones

iHorror readers, it’s not often that we step outside our genre to talk about something that isn’t technically horror, but after Game of Thrones tonight, we have a few things to say.

[No Spoilers here for fans. Light spoilers if you’ve not followed the show.]

Fans around the globe gathered to watch the promised Battle of Winterfell this evening, and we knew, going in, that it was going to be epic. We knew we were going to lose fan favorites. But I don’t think we knew just how terrifying an un-quantifiable swarm of White Walkers and Wights would be.

I’m still trying to catch my breath.

As the episode began, all of the various armies were gathered, prepared for battle, and ready to go down fighting for Winterfell when out of the darkness came, to reiterate, a SWARM of wights.

For the uninitiated there is actually a difference between White Walkers and Wights.

White Walkers are actually inhuman beings with serious power that can raise the dead and whose skin is made of something like ice. Wights are the reanimated corpses of humans that basically do whatever the White Walkers and the Night King in particular instruct them to do.

I haven’t seen anything quite like what I saw in tonight’s episode since the first time I watched World War Z. These are seriously the numbers and the ferocity we’re talking about here, except that they also upped the ante by having a BIG EFFING WIGHT DRAGON that spits blue fire as well.

It was enough to sate even the most ardent horror fan’s lust for blood, gore, and zombies and it was more terrifying and nerve-wracking than anything The Walking Dead has given us for a while, now.

Even the showrunners commented that it was unnerving to see the sets they’ve known and loved turn into horror sets in the recap after the episode.

This isn’t the first time the series has tiptoed over the line into the horror genre. Many have commented that the character known as the Mountain is basically a creature worthy of Frankenstein, and the show’s violence rivals that of many hardcore horror favorites.

As fans settle in to relax after the show, and reflect on who died, who lived, and what comes next, we here at iHorror share a parting glass with the fallen courtesy of The High Kings.