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From ‘Halloween Kills’ to ‘Chucky,’ It’s an Excellent Week for Horror Fans

by Waylon Jordan
Horror Fans

It’s hard to believe that October is almost half over, but the fun is just beginning for horror fans. We’ve got a week of highly anticipated premieres ahead of us, and our biggest problem is figuring out what to watch and when.

The day started off strong with the debut of the new Scream trailer! One of the most anticipated films of 2022 sees Sidney, Dewey, and Gale back to lend their help to a new generation of victims stalked by a brand new Ghostface with possible connections to the franchise’s original killers. Check out the trailer by CLICKING HERE!

The trailer is just the beginning, however. Take a look at what we’re looking forward to most this week in the list below, and let us know which titles you’ll be watching!

Chucky: Premieres Tuesday, October 12 on Syfy and USA at 10 pm ET

We can’t wait to see what our favorite killer doll is up to in this brand new series from franchise creator Don Mancini!

Premiere Episode Synopsis: When 14-year-old budding artist Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur) buys a vintage Good Guy doll at a yard sale, intending to use it in his latest sculpture, his young life will change forever–for better and worse.

I Know What You Did Last Summer: Premieres on Amazon on October 15th

The ultimate lesson in the dangers of buried secrets, the new reimagining of Lois Duncan’s 1973 novel of the same name brings the thrills, kills, and chills into 2021 when a group of teenagers find themselves stalked by a mysterious killer a year after they covered up a tragic accident on graduation night.

You Season 3: Premieres on Netflix on October 15th

The third season of the series about dangerous obsessions hits the streaming platform on Friday with the following synopsis:

Joe and Love are married and raising their newborn son, Henry, in the Californian suburb of Madre Linda. As their relationship dynamic takes a new turn, Joe continues to repeat the cycle of obsession with a burgeoning interest in Natalie, the next door neighbor. This time, Love will flip the script to ensure that her dream of having the perfect family will not be torn away so easily by Joe’s compulsive actions.

Halloween Kills: Premieres in Theaters and on Peacock on October 15th!

Of course we have to include the latest chapter in the ongoing Halloween saga with the new film picking up exactly where 2018’s Halloween left off!

SYNOPSIS: The nightmare isn’t over as unstoppable killer Michael Myers escapes from Laurie Strode’s trap to continue his ritual bloodbath. Injured and taken to the hospital, Laurie fights through the pain as she inspires residents of Haddonfield, Ill., to rise up against Myers. Taking matters into their own hands, the Strode women and other survivors form a vigilante mob to hunt down Michael and end his reign of terror once and for all.

Slumber Party Massacre: Premieres on Syfy on October 17th at 9:00 pm ET!

A slumber party turns deadly when a power-drill wielding killer decides to join the fun in this remake/reboot of the 1982 film that seems to be winning over horror fans right and left.