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5 Free Horror Movies on YouTube You Have to Watch

by Curt Fiers
Free horror movies on YouTube

Finding free films online typically involves a bit of piracy or inviting malware onto our computers. Every so often, though, free horror movies on YouTube grant us a reprieve from those threats. Whether it’s because the movies are outdated or simply terrible, studios occasionally offer them up free for everyone to enjoy.

As far as we can tell, these films were uploaded legitimately and with the studio’s permission. Don’t expect the same level of quality as The Conjuring or Texas Chainsaw Massacre – these are free, after all – but if you’ve got free time on your hands, they’re worth a watch.

1. Entity (2012)

Of all the free horror movies on YouTube, Entity might elicit the most disagreement over its quality. It has a 4.7 on IMDb, so many fans would just look the other way. On the other hand, it’s also got a great premise. And its fans? They can’t stop lauding it. Here’s the synopsis:

“A TV crew and a psychic travel into a remote Siberian forest to investigate an old case. As they near the spot where 34 bodies were found in a shallow grave, their communication with the outside world stops, and they are not heard from again.”

Sounds fun, right? It comes in at just below an hour and a half. You can watch the film in its entirety here:


2. The Cleansing (2019)

If you can’t get enough of scary films that take us back to a distant time, The Cleansing might be right up your alley. Its basic plot is certainly something we’ve seen before, but it does have a few surprises up its sleeve. Plus, since it’s a free horror movie on YouTube, you really can’t beat the price!

Here’s the synopsis:

“In a small isolated village in 14th century Wales, sixteen-year-old girl Alice is accused of being a witch and causing the plague that took the lives of many, including Alice’s own father. An ominous figure called The Cleanser arrives in the village to clean it of disease, and Alice is forced to fight for her life.”

With a 4.1 on IMDb, you’re taking a big risk. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, though, here’s the film in its entirety:


3. The Circle

The Kings of Horror uploaded this film on July 17, 2020. So yeah, really recently. I’ll be completely honest with you: I couldn’t even manage to find an IMDb page for this one. That means you’re on your own. The description from Kings of Horror is almost as long as a novel, so I’ll just give you the quick and easy version:

“Josh’s beloved Grandpa Joe has passed on… and they never even got to say goodbye. So, Josh’s wife, Lori plans to do a séance as part of his upcoming surprise birthday party. Despite a stern warning not to hold such a ritual during a birthday celebration, Lori invites Ina, a spiritual medium, to attend the party and conduct the séance.”

That’s legitimately only about one-third of the entire synopsis. I’d recommend not reading it in its entirety; it might just give the complete movie away. Either way, here’s the film in its entirety:

4. The Presence (2010)

Of all the free horror movies on YouTube, The Presence might have the most well-known actors. Well, actress – singular. Mira Sorvino – who you might remember from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion – leads up the cast in this film about a woman who thinks she’s losing her mind in an isolated cabin.

No, it’s not as good as The Lodge.

In fact, you might be wondering why you haven’t heard much from Sorvino since her Romy and Michele days. It could have something to do with movies like this. It landed a 4.4 rating on IMDb, so it’s far from the best flick on this list. If you’re cruising for a bruising, though, here’s the film in its entirety:


5. Murder Made Easy (2017)

Don’t you just love murder dinner mysteries?!? Well, if not, at least this one falls into the free horror movies on YouTube category. Murder Made Easy is one of the higher-rated films on this list – landing a 5.6 on IMDb. Here’s the synopsis:

“On the anniversary of Joan’s husband’s death, Joan and Michael host an elaborate dinner party for their closest friends, putting their lives on the line due to a dark secret that links them all.”

Quick and simple, right? Fortunately, so is the movie. At just over an hour, you can get this knocked out while you’re waiting for your pizza to get delivered. Enjoy!


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These are just a small sampling of the gratis films available on the world’s largest video platform. Of course, this means we probably missed some certifiable gems. Are there a few free horror movies on YouTube you’ve discovered on your own? Tell us about them in the comments!