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Freaky First Teaser for Upcoming Horror Film ‘Magi’

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Do you like freaky noises, quick cuts and Stephen Baldwin?

Of course you do.

Hasan Karacadag, a Turkish director trained in Japan, known largely in his home country for creepy, low-budget horror films that take the legends and rich heritage of Turkey and twists them into dark, horrific tales like [email protected] (2006) and Semum (2008),  is set to deliver his first English horror film called Magi.

Check out the teaser here:

[youtube id=”J-gl9GvtN6g” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

What is perhaps most intriguing about Magi  is the idea of blending some of the idiosyncrasies of Japanese horror films, and mixing in a Turkish aesthetic; bringing in an unfamiliar (to most western audiences) folklore and story pattern to the English speaking horror fan using Japanese technical film making ideas that have already made such a successful transition to North American audiences through films like The Ring.  The frenetic pace of the trailer and rather jarring juxtapositions between images, if used correctly (read: not over done, but actually in the film), and if that pace is supported by a strong story, Magi could be a surprising and exciting cult horror film, which should hopefully be getting limited release some time in 2015.

And if that trailer is not enough for you, we also have the first poster for Magi:

First Magi Poster

Magi Film Poster

The tagline ‘A curse You’ve got 19 hours left And then you die’ has a very Japanese horror feel to it does it not? Although there is something to be said for the line they used in the trailer: ‘There is something scarier than evil” and it would not be surprising to see that on future posters as we get closer to release, and begin to get more details.

What we do know right now about the story of Magi, as originally reported on ShockTillYouDrop here, is the film follows an American woman who relocates to Istanbul to take on a job as an English teacher, however, her journalist sister slowly comes to realize that all may not be as it seems with her sibling’s new baby.  While there is nothing all that revolutionary in that basic premise, between the success of Karacadag’s earlier Turkish films and this freaky first trailer, Magi should be high on any cult horror fans ‘most anticipated films’ list.



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