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Florida Horror Filmmakers Make Their ‘Death Cast’

by Timothy Rawles

Florida is a moderately familiar place for horror movies to be made. Popular films such as The Final Destination (2009), Manhunter (1986) and Dawn of the Dead (2004) have left their cinematic bloodstains on the Sunshine State.

Now two native Floridian filmmakers are adding their horror signatures to the list with a new film called Death Cast.

In it, six young and hopeful actors are cast in a horror film that shifts from a scripted experience to a life-threatening reality.

“A lot of my career as a reality television producer was based on manipulating ordinary people into extraordinary situations,” said Writer/Director of Death Cast Bobby Marinelli. “I often wondered how far this could be taken and it developed into a really interesting premise for a horror film. With Death Cast I was able to blend reality docudrama tropes with those of a slasher flick, the result is familiar but unique to the genre.”

Death Cast producer Melissa McNerney said working in her home state was nothing short of incredible especially from an artistic standpoint.

“Filming in Florida is the ultimate collaborative experience,” said McNerney. “We utilized resources with assistance from the film commissions in three major counties in the greater Tampa Bay area: Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco. We were generously granted access to locations that perfectly supported the world of Death Cast. We joined forces with our community to make movie magic. And most importantly, our experience of making a film in Florida was defined so much by our talented cast and crew, most of whom call Florida home.”

Death Cast was shot on-location in Pasco County, Hillsborough County, and Pinellas
County over eleven days in January 2018.

It’s making its debut at a private screening at the Tampa Theatre on Saturday, February 22. After that, it will head into the festival circuit so look for it at a genre event near you.

Here is a synopsis of the Death Cast followed by the trailer.

Six young and hopeful actors land roles in an experimental horror film shooting on a remote location. Their performances will be captured without any crew present in a single, uninterrupted take by cameras and drones positioned around the set. As the day progresses, the line between the film they are shooting and actual terror is blurred as they find themselves in a real life-or-death situation.