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First Look at Jamie Lee Curtis in American Horror Story Creator’s Scream Queens

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In addition to American Horror Story: Hotel, which premieres in October, creator Ryan Murphy has got another brand new series headed our way in the form of Scream Queens, which he describes as Friday the 13th meets Heathers.

Set to debut on Fox sometime in the Fall, Scream Queens is a 15-episode comedy-horror anthology series that revolves around a college campus rocked by a series of murders, and the cast is loaded with star-power including Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande.

Of course, you can’t make a show called Scream Queens and not cast Jamie Lee Curtis in it, and Murphy has done precisely that. Curtis will play take-no-bullshit dean of students Cathy Munsch, who has, in Murphy’s words, “had it up to here with these bitches in the sorority.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy not only shared the first images from the show but also spilled the beans about specific plot details, revealing that it will be ‘whodunit?’ murder-mystery where a character dies each week. The killer will be clad in a Devil costume – the school’s mascot – and the fun of the show will be trying to figure out who’s wielding the knife.

It opens in a flashback to 1995 at the sorority where something horrible happens,” he said of the series, which is inspired by 80s slasher films. “It’s a mystery that goes unsolved. Flash forward 20 years to today, and it looks like someone is out for revenge. Something horrible happened to a pledge and on the anniversary of that crime, someone is out for vengeance.”

Unlike American Horror Story, characters and storylines will recur from season to season, though Murphy says that each new season will be set in a different location and center on a different killer – with the ‘final girl’ from each season advancing to the next one.

While we wait for a premiere date, check out the first images from Scream Queens below!


Scream Queens


Scream Queens


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