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EXCLUSIVE: New Clip From ‘Artik’, the Comic Book Obsessed Serial Killer

by Kelly McNeely
Artik movie clip

From DREAD and Epic pictures, Artik follows a comic book obsessed methodical murdererer who spends his days torturing, killing, and teaching his son how to get away with it. Exclusively for iHorror, we have a brand new clip from the film that touches on Artik’s favorite hobby. 

via Epic Pictures

Flin is Artik’s partner (in life and in crime), and while she tolerates Artik’s number one pastime, her patience is running thin. The clip features a performance from Lauren Ashley Carter (Darling, The Woman) as Flin that is both charming and unnerving. She flips her tone like a switch, showing just how volatile she can be under the right circumstances. 

Written and directed by Tom Botchii, Artik stars Jerry G. Angelo (American Warfighter, Better Call Saul) as the titular serial killer; Lauren Ashley Carter as his partner Flin; Gavin White (14 Cameras) as their son, Adam; Chase Williamson (John Dies At the End, The Guest) as Holton, a mysterious man who befriends their son and threatens to expose their horrific family secret; and Matt Mercer (Beyond the Gates, Contracted) as Kar, an Al-Anon chapter leader who just wants to help. 

Artik had its premiere at the Popcorn Frights film festival on August 11th and will arrive on VOD and Blu-ray as of September 10th. You can also check out the intense new trailer and let us know what you think in the comments!