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‘Evil Dead Rise’ Posters Give Huge Clues About Film’s Setting

Listen Up, ScrewHeads

by Trey Hilburn III

Evil Dead Rise is on its way from director, Lee Cronin. This one is known to take place in the city after someone locates the Necronomicon and once again sets loose a heck-load of deadites. The recent concept posters from Creepy Duck Designs and ChemicalMarcel definitely are giving us some huge clues as to what setting the film will have.

All of the posters reveal high-rise buildings in some capacity. So, its very likely that much like Lomberto Bava’s 1985’s Demons 2 this film will be going down inside of a building. In Demons 2 residents of a high-rise apartment building are locked inside with demons that are unleashed during the screening of a horror film. The residents are turned into blood-thirsty demons and the survivors must fight them off and survive the night.


When I first saw the Creepy Duck Design posters I thought that it was a Demons 2 poster. Even the hand holding the building up looks an awful lot like Bava’s demons claws.

We are 1000 percent okay with this. It wouldn’t be the first time that horror films are inspired by others. So, if this is indeed a culmination of The Evil Dead and Demons 2 its perfectly fine with us.

What do you think of the concept posters for Evil Dead Rise?