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Elijah Wood’s Spectrevision Rebooting Brazil’s Coffin joe

Coffin Joe is an all out Horror Icon

by Trey Hilburn III
Coffin Joe

Brazilian director, Jose Mojica Marins’s character Coffin Joe is going to make a return to the big screen thanks to Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller’s company Spectrevision. If Spectrevision sounds familiar it should, they are the awesome team behind Mandy, The Color Out of Space, Cooties and more.

The late and great Marin’s Coffin Joe first showed up in At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul. Coffin Joe’s aesthetic has been adopted several times in both film and music. Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson have adopted Coffin Joe’s look in some of their videos and performances. The great Coffin Joe went on to turn up in nine additional films; becoming a widely recognized horror icon.

One Eyed Films and Spectrevision are working together to make this reboot happen. Since, One Eyed Films owned the rights to Coffin Joe.

Spectrevision intends to reboot the character to be “a more mainstream, accessible, updated version… faithful to Coffin Joe’s dedicated audience, yet presenting the character to wider, new audiences” said Noah.

According to Screendaily, Arrow Films has also made a deal with One Eyed Films to release Coffin Joe’s original films on blu-ray as well. No date on that just yet, but we will let you know when we have any more info.

This is huge! I’ve been a Coffin Joe fan since I was a wee-lad. Both the reboot by Spectrevision and the remaster by Arrow Films are going to be awesome and introduce a whole new generation to a true master’s work.

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