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‘Crazy Samurai’ Has World’s First 77-Min. One-Take Action Film Sequence

by Timothy Rawles

Japanese martial arts icon Tak Sakaguchi (Versus, Rise of the Machine Girl) gets top billing in the film Crazy Samurai: 400 vs. 1. The trailer is below. This film is set to debut on the martial arts streamer HI-YAH! on February 12, 2021, just before its Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD drop on March 2 from Well Go USA Entertainment.

According to the press release:

“The highlight of this extraordinary film is a 77-minute action sequence shot in one continuous take, a ‘marathon battle [that] rivals any ever filmed’ (Forbes). Director Yuji Shimomura (Death Trance, Re: Born) has crafted an epic achievement in action choreography around Sakaguchi, who plays Japan’s most legendary swordsman—Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645), a warrior undefeated in at least 60 documented duels—as he takes on his most difficult battle.”

Well Go USA Entertainment

Well Go USA Entertainment

Here’s the synopsis for Crazy Samurai: 400 vs. 1:

When a master samurai arrives to duel the disgraced Yoshioka dojo, he walks into an ambush. In a stunning, one-take action film sequence, Miyamoto Musashi (Tak Sakaguchi) fights for his life against 400 warriors, earning a place in history as the Crazy Samurai Musashi.

CRAZY SAMURAI: 400 vs. 1 has a runtime of approximately 92 minutes and is not rated.